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The music is still present in the Radar Pace courtesy of the ‘in-ear booms’, ostensibly little pull down in-ear headphones. However, the source is now your smartphone and accompanying app. And it’s arguably the app that’s the really exciting story here, developed with Oakley parent company Luxotica and tech giant Intel.Discount Oakleys Sunglasses .Beyond cruising to your favourite podcast (we like the Adam Buxton Podcast, but ONLY on your turbo trainer), the genius of the Pace lies in the smart coaching system built into the app. ‘Coaching’ because it operates like a coach, guiding your riding through the headphones like a smooth-talking spin class instructor, and ‘smart’ because the app can plan your sessions based on certain parameters to build up your prowess in areas such as stamina or power.Cheap Oakleys Store.Furthermore, Oakley says the Pace app will enact a training plan based on a date and event. Got a 100-mile sportive 8 weeks away? Tell the app, enter information such as how much time you have to spare to train each day, and Pace will develop a blow-by-blow training programme. It will even adjust the programme to reflect missed sessions and tweak subsequent ones, and ask it a question mid-ride such as ‘What’s my heart rate?’ and it will chirrup back with an answer.Authentic Oakleys Outlet Sale.It’s a very interesting new world that Oakley has painted, though whether the Radar Pace catches on is another matter. But until we have the benefit of time-travel, the implications for real-time, personalised robotic coaching seem pretty huge, and history might just recognise Oakley as the pioneers. Watch this space/barricade the door because the robots have come.


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