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At the height of Julbo’s line are its NXT lenses, and for cyclists, the NXT-based Zebra and Zebra Light lenses are the most relevant. Both are photochromic, have an anti-fog treatment and oil/water-repellent coating.Oakleys Cheap Outlet.The Zebra Light is, as the name suggests, lighter in tint than the Zebra, varying from what Julbo labels protection category from 1 to 3, while the Zebra varies from 2 to 4. Lenses activate in 22 to 28 seconds—not instantaneous but fast enough to adapt to shaded trail sections when you enter the woods.We tested both the Aero and Zephyr frames with Zebra Light, Zebra and a red Spectron 3 CF Lenses.Discount Oakleys Store.Both models with the “standard” mirrored Spectron 3 CF lenses retail for $130, while the high-end anti-fog, photochromic, hydrophobic Zebra lenses add $50 to the price. For cyclocross, we feel the $50 upgrade for the Zebra lenses will be worth it.The company has been making sunglasses since its first mountaineering eyewear in 1888, and while it still offers mountaineering glasses including its classic Vermont model, it has expanded into other sports including cycling and running.Authentic Oakleys Outlet.The company sent us several sets of its performance cycling-oriented sunglasses for testing, and the variety in frames, lens treatment and different size options are impressive. The company also offers children’s eyewear, which it introduced in the 90s, and also makes prescription glasses and goggles.
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