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“All the work, that’s part of the fun,” he said. “To build something, to create something and have it actually work, that’s the best feeling. But there’s nothing better than riding with your friends.Fake Oakleys Sunglasses Sale. I’ve had a couple friends who thought they’d never hit jumps this big and I’ve talked them into giving it a try. Fake Oakleys Sunglasses Sale.They follow me and when we get to the end, their smiles are so big, you can tell they’re just so stoked. It’s the best feeling.”

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As one of his long-time sponsors pointed out, Ståle Sandbech is a bit of an anomaly in snowboarding. He’s ultra-competitive in an individual sport and has all the accolades to validate the presence of a hearty ego. Authentic Oakleys Sunglasses .And yet, he’s described as “genuine” and “kind-hearted,” “simple” and an “inspiration” by those who know him best. Further validation for his anomaly-like status comes in his choice not to focus on any one discipline within his craft. Authentic Oakleys Sunglasses.Instead, Ståle likes to do it all – slopestyle, halfpipe (and even the double pipe), Big Air, ride park, rails and backcountry – and so far, the indication is that he’s capable whether he’s stepping out of a heli, cruising the park with his RK1 homies or relying on his edge control in the pipe.

For Ståle, snowboarding remains what it was when he got his start at 8: an outlet, a place to challenge himself, to experiment, and best of all, a place to hang and have fun with his friends. Authentic Oakleys Sunglasses.That’s the reason we all started anyway, wasn’t it?Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap Outlet. Whether he’s atop the podium (or maybe a step down since he’s nearly always on the podium), lapping the park, fulfilling sponsor duties or taking selfies with his fans, the smile is constant. Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap Outlet.The positive energy is infectious. He’s genuinely happy and enjoying himself.