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Other special additions to the range include Ducati stylised renditions of popular Oakley prescription eyewear frames known as Transistor, Wingspan and Metal Plate. According to Oakley, each is available with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses with a wide range of options.Fake Cheap Oakleys.”Oakley performance eyewear has always been a favorite among Ducati racers, and Oakley engineers will always be inspired by the pure genius and raw power of Ducati design,” said Oakley CEO Colin Baden, in a release. “Both companies have earned a respected heritage of innovation.Discount Oakleys Authentic Sale.This special edition eyewear pays homage to those who push the limits of possibility, and to anyone who demands uncompromising performance and definitive style,”Baden concluded.”The philosophy, style and prestige of the two brands are so similar that, if Ducati were an eyewear manufacturing company, it would be Oakley!” Lucio Attinà, Brand Development Director said.Oakleys Sunglasses Sale Outlet.“The impressive achievements of this partnership, established in 2003, are the tangible proof of the credibility and effectiveness of the project, which tightly connects the two high-performance, world-famous companies. The agreement highlights the strengths of both companies and expands them at the same time, enabling us to further communicate our brand and be even more visible in the market.”

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